Keto Caffe Latte


Brew up some keto magic with Hello M’arch’s Keto Caffe Latte! Blended with the finest Arabic microground coffee, creamy non-dairy creamer, a kick of MCTs for sustained energy, and a touch of sea salt for balance. Each sip is a smooth and rich coffee bliss, minus the burden. It’s your keto companion for conquering mornings, powering through workouts, or simply savoring a moment of pure delight. Let’s raise a toast to good taste and good health!


Contains 6.7g of MCT’s per serving, enhances the body’s production of ketones, improves brain function, promotes increased metabolism and weight management. An ideal addition to your ketogenic diet plan for an effective method of healthy weight management.


Added MCT oil
Zero Sugar
No Cholesterol
No Preservatives & Additives
Soy & Nut Free


MCT Oil Powder, Arabica Coffee Powder, Non-Dairy Creamer, Whey Protein, Microground Coffee Powder, Sea Salt.

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