Love Bites' Quinoa Cookies Belgian Double Chocolate (Gluten Free)


Brimming with rich Belgian double chocolate, are an irresistible ode to cocoa bliss. Each bites boasts a symphony of textures – the satisfying crunch of tri-color quinoa, the melt-in-your-mouth decadence of dark chocolate chips, and the gooey indulgence of a velvety cacao center. These cookies are crafted with love, using organic ingredients and it is free from artificial flavors and preservatives. So, grab a handful, and let the velvety dance of Belgian chocolate awaken your senses. Guilt-free indulgence has never tasted this good.


Less Sugar
Gluten Free
GMO Free
Imported Ingredients
No Artificial Coloring and Flavoring
No Preservatives
Individual Packed (2pcs/ pack)


Ingredients Maize Flour, Dark Chocolate Chips, Brown Sugar, Butter, Whey Powder, Cocoa Powder, Organic Tri-Color Quinoa, Baking Powder (aluminium free), Rice Flour, Sodium Bicarbonate.


Allergy Information: Contains dairy.

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